2021 was the fifth year of our behavioral safety program, Journey to Zero Harm (JTZH) which builds on the excellent existing behavioral safety activities at our sites. The program sets out Innospec’s expectations in a clear and consistent message and provides the tools to help everyone focus efforts on achieving our goal of zero harm to people, environment and our assets.

Our overarching company strategy on JTZH was published in 2021. It defines the expectations and responsibilities of our corporate, business, regional and local management teams in the implementation of the program. Key elements of the program are the use of 60-second checks and management interactions. 60-second checks are personal risk assessments that encourage employees to look proactively for any potential health and safety risks immediately before they start an activity. The number of 60-second checks completed in 2021 increased 25% to 131,305. Management interactions are used to demonstrate the company’s leadership commitment to safety. In 2021, our management teams conducted 9817 interactions, an increase of 13%. This demonstrates that the JTZH proactive health and safety approach is becoming embedded in our everyday operations and routines.